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We love Pizza! We really love Pizza. We motored our way through the hillsides of Italy on a tiny blue scooter, a little too tiny for my 200 lb finance and myself, but we crept up to a pizzeria where we would spend the day tossing dough and learning the secrets to Italian pizza. The ever so simplicity of the sauce, the delicate crust and cheese, oh the cheese, pure melty heaven. The slightly darkened crust, the cheesy bullbles as it's fired in the oven. We could sit there all day to see each masterpiece come out of the oven. Once we got back to the snowy mountains of Jackson Hole Wyoming, we knew we wanted to share the pizza secrets with everyone. Lucca was then created, we have since moved out to Santa Barbara so we can give Lucca year round to our clients. We want to share our experience with you. Our family is dedicated to giving you the best service. We love our job and we thank you for the support of our small family business.

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From our Clients


Dancers Workshop-Jackson Wy

They took care of everything and made it easy for us to focus on mingling with our guests.


Debbie Pacitti-Jackson Wy

Melissa, Mark and team were amazing. The food was absolutely delicious. Our guests were pleased. Lucca is for you!


Dancers Workshop, Jackson Wy

They bring it all, it's an absolute crowd pleaser.

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